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Replacement New House
Location: Chislehurst, Kent
Year: 2009
Size: 411.5m
Client: Private
1. Brief
Replace the existing family house with a much larger house, keeping features of the original family house. 
2. Challenge
The site is steep, falling away to the rear, requiring a piled solution. 
3. Goal
To maximise the views to the rear.
4. Unique Solution
A linear form was kept, extending across the site. A level Terrace was built up for the rear reception rooms to spill out onto. Expanses of glazing and glass balconies look out to the horizon. 
South facing glazing at the rear, thermal mass and high levels of insulation. 
Shangrila - Shoot Day - Final JPEGs-50.j
Shangrila - Shoot Day - Final JPEGs-40.j
Shangrila - Shoot Day - Final JPEGs-22.j
Shangrila - Shoot Day - Final JPEGs-20.j
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