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Multigenerational House 
Location: Warlingham, Surrey
Year: 2022
Size: 269m
Client: Private

1. Brief
The original building was a bungalow with a Gross Internal Area of 86.7m2. Proposed was to build a new wing, with an L-shaped box dormer on the first floor at the rear and two new dormer windows on the front. As a result, the floor area of the property tripled in size.
2. Challenges
The challenge was to take a small bungalow with small rooms and create a large house with large rooms.
3. Goals
The aim was to convert and extend the existing small uninteresting bungalow into a stunning family home. 
4. Unique Solution
Creating an L-shaped building, by demolishing the Garage meant the footprint could be increased for a large open plan Living/Kitchen/Dining area.
The existing bungalow was kept and built upon and yet the finished building looks and feels like a complete new build.
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