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Gallery Multigenerational House 
Location: Hampstead, London
Year: 2011-
Size: 3,019m
Client: Private
1. Brief
A twenty first century mansion, to display and store a private modern art collection, with a Banqueting Hall. 
2. Challenge
In terms of the layout, there are separate uses, yet to have fluid circulation. 
3. Goal
To be contemporary, with a mansion vernacular. 
4. Unique Solution
The three connecting masses of the House, Gallery and Banqueting Hall are connected around a courtyard and by the descending roof forms. 
Ground source heat pump, high levels of insulation, Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR).
1. Site Plan.jpg
2. Basement.jpg
3. Ground Floor.jpg
4. First Floor.jpg
5. Second Floor.jpg
6. Third Floor.jpg
7. Fourth Floor.jpg
8. Section A-A.jpg
9. Section B-B.jpg
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