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AML239-Food store.png
Food Store, Restaurants and a Retail Unit
Location: Halesworth, Suffolk
Year: 2021
Size: 2,590m
Client: Commercial

1. Brief
A new 1,884sqm food store for a major food retailer, two restaurant and a retail unit. Connectivity of the high street with the site and the surroundings. To have 'Piazza' public open space off the high street. 
2. Challenges
There are a number of site constraints, such a public sewer, mature trees, level differences and two existing public car parks. There are highway requirements, such as the HGVs needing to turn on site, separate from the public and without access off the existing roundabouts. Achieving the number of required parking spaces in balance with a feasible GIA is a challenge. 
3. Goals
To provide the market town with a food store in the town centre to revitalise the Thoroughfare high street. 
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