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Eco Multigenerational House 
Location: Highgate, London
Year: 2019-
Size: 794m
Client: Private
1. Brief
To design a 5 bedroom house, one bedroom being on the Ground Floor with a Living area and a 25m swimming pool. 
2. Challenge
The changes in the site levels posed a problem of how to orientate the house. 
3. Goal
To create a sustainable house in terms of the fabric and renewable energy sources. 
4. Unique Solution
The house was orientated for the living spaces and bedroom to face due south, with shading provided by the structure. The Cinema, Utility and Storage are built into the bank. A linear form created the length for the swimming pool in the basement. 
Photovoltaic (PV) panels connected to home batteries, solar thermal panels, ground source heat pump, high levels of insulation and south facing glazing with shading.
UGF Plan.jpg
LGF Plan.jpg
Basement Plan.jpg
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