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1128-H4-11721-North End v2 high.jpg
7 New build houses 
Location: Beckenham, London
Year: 2016
Size: 3,584m
Client: Developer
1. Brief
7-8 large new build houses, with underground parking. 
2. Challenge
Accessing the car park, as a ramp was required and not a car lift, because a ramps are long and would go into the garden spaces. 
3. Goal
To be visually appealing and spacious inside for the target market. 
4. Unique Solution
The crescent layout maximises the shape of the site for the building and each plot has a garden. 
Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR), natural light and thermal mass. 
1128-H4-11721-North End v1 high.jpg
1130-H4-11721-North End v5 op1 no fense.
1204-11655-H4-North End Drive-v1
1205-H4-11721-North End v3 high 4.jpg
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